the froWelcome to my blog!  I am glad you somehow found my little site.  I apologize for the flashy layout and the cool yet flaky animation that doesn’t seem work consistently.  Simon (http://www.killswtch.net/) did an awesome job making this theme and from you can see from his own blog and current layout he’s clearly much more talented than I am.  However, I like a dark background and colors, so until I can bribe someone into helping me make something that’s more my own (*cough*AMETHYST*cough*) this will do.

Here you will find a hodgepodge of things relating to topics that interest me.  I’m a hardware tech by trade and by hobby, so I’m going to attempt to document my projects (and try to go back and document past ones, as well) here.  I like to game, so you may find game related articles as well, but I don’t take much time for it these days.  Random pieces from the real world (music, movies and politics) may also rear their heads, but only if something really resonates with me where I feel moved to publicly write about it.  For now you can see that this is a black hole as far as linking and sharing a bunch of other crap is concerned, but I will be linking to other blogs so long as they’re not spawn of spam.